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How To Get A Girlfriend On Facebook

If you’re wondering how to get a girlfriend on Facebook, you’ve come to the right place.

With the internet and social media connecting billions of people to each other, massive social networks – like Facebook – have become massive social hubs that have the potential to connect you with the girl of your dreams. IF you go about it the right way.

This article will teach you exactly how to get a girlfriend on facebook, step by step.

Get Your Facebook Profile Looking Good

If you’re serious about landing a Facebook girlfriend, you are going to want to make sure that your profile looks good. This means that you are going to want to get high quality pictures with you and your friends, answer questions on your bio, and make sure your Facebook profile is representable and not repulsive. The quality of your Facebook profile will be a huge make or break in this situation.

To know if your profile is good or not, you are going to want to view your profile as the girl you want to date. Ask yourself this:

“If I was the girl I want to date, would I date myself?”

And the answer to that question can often lead you in the right direction.

Groups, Groups, Groups

Facebook groups are going to be the go-to place for you to land your Facebook girlfriend. The reason is because with Facebook groups, you will be able to find a large amount of people (fairly easily) who are interested in the same types of things that you are. Which makes conversation a lot easier.

To find a group, simply go to the top search bar and search for anything that you’re interested in, chances are there’s a group for it. I’d apply to multiply groups and begin engaging in all of them if you’re really serious about finding your Facebook girlfriend.

Start Sending Friend Requests

Once you’re in a couple facebook groups, it is now time to search for you facebook girlfriend. You can do this by simply either going through the “members” tab on the group list, or by clicking on profiles of people posting and then sending them friend requests. A great message to send is this:

“Hey x, saw you in the x facebook group. Hoping to connect!”.

And once you send the message, it now becomes a waiting game.

Open Up The Conversation When They Accept Your Friend Request

Once your future Facebook girlfriend accepts your friend request, you can now begin to open up the conversation that hopefully leads to you two falling in love and having at least 73 kids.

An easy way to open up the conversation in this situation is simply asking her about her experience with the group or about the topic that you are both mutually interested in. This is how that would look.

You: Hey Vanessa, saw you in the Call Of Duty facebook group. Would love to connect!

Her: *Accepts friend request*

You: Hey Vanessa, thanks for the connection. How long have you been in that COD group lol? I thought girls playing COD was a myth. A legend.

Her: Haha I just joined as well! Girls definitely do play COD, we just don’t talk about it as much!

And now you’re on your way.

Keep The Conversation Interesting

I have an entire post on how to keep a conversation going with a girl over text right here that I would highly recommend. But I’ll hit some highlights here.

Create “Fake Joke Worlds” With Her

Fake Joke Worlds are basically when you just create fake situations that involve you and her doing things together, whatever that might be. They key here is that they are jokes, so you want to keep them light and playful, not heavy and weird. Here’s an example:

Her: Yeah girls definitely do play COD, we just don’t talk about!

You: Haha I see. Will it be weird when we play in silence then? We’ll be communicating only via GAMERTAGS and yet still winning game after game.

So in this statement, you’ve just created a situation in which you are both playing COD together and are communicating only via gamer tags because she says she doesn’t talk about it. It’s a big joke within a big joke. All very fun and playful.

Ask Unique Questions

During your conversation with her, you will begin to learn things that are unique to her. Asking open-ended questions like “Why did you do x” or “how did you end up doing x” are great ways to get her talking.

The key with these questions is you want to ask her questions that you think she would enjoy answering. Get out of your own head and think about what she is interested in, and then ask her about it.

A huge problem guys make when having conversations with girls is that they ask boring questions that don’t get the ball moving like “how is your day going” or “how are you” instead of unique, specific questions like (in the case of the girl who plays COD) “how have you gotten your KD up?” How did you get into COD in the first place?” “How does it feel being like the only girl in the world that plays COD?”.

More specific questions like these will get you a much better response than generic questions that don’t really carry any weight.

Move The Conversation Off Of Facebook

Once you have enough “leverage” – meaning you think she likes you enough that she would agree to something – you will then want to move your conversation off of Facebook and take it to another platform, like text or Instagram.

The reason moving your conversation from one place to the other is because it gets you guys doing things together. Which is very important.

The way you can move the conversation from one place to another is by simply asking her a question like “what’s your #?” on a high point in the conversation, like after she laughs.

If She’s Close, Invite her To Meet In Person

If she’s in the general area that you live in, you can always invite her to an in-person date if things are going well. These first dates (especially when you haven’t yet met them in person) usually get higher yes rates if you start by something extremely low pressure (like drinks or coffee) rather than heavier things like a movie, date, or some other larger commitment.

I have also seen stories about people doing long-distance relationships that have organized flights to each other and have actually ended up moving in with each other when it’s all said and done. Also this is rare, it does happen, which may give you hope for turning your future Facebook girlfriend into your real life girlfriend.

Facebook Dating Is Also A Thing

There is actually a separate platform specifically designed for Facebook Dating

The Facebook dating app is a fairly standard app that is similar to Hinge in the way it looks. It has all the features you would normally want in a dating app as well as some unique ones like “secret crushes” which is where you can like people from your friend’s list and they have the ability to like you back. And then, if you both end up matching each other, you can continue a conversation with your newly admitted love.

Putting It All Together

Getting a girlfriend on Facebook comes down to getting a girlfriend just like anywhere else – basic dating skills.

If you can become the type of person that people will want to date, then people will want to date you. It’s that simple. But at that point, you will still need to go out and make things happen for yourself because nobody is going to do anything for you.

Leveraging Facebook as a dating platform can be a great way to jump into a pool of millions of people and eventually come out with someone you are compatible with. And armed with tools like being able to go through groups and use the facebook Dating app itself, you should be able to land a girlfriend with some sustained, consistent effort.

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