Top 5 Tinder Rules For Guys In 2021

Yo, yo, this is Grant – and this article is going to be five tinder rules for guys on 2021. These tips work. So it doesn’t matter if you’re on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Grindr, Meet Cupid, or anything else… And it doesn’t matter if you’re attracted to girls, guys, aliens, pets, bottles of whiskey, spoons… […]

How To Pass A Girl’s Shit Tests With Ease

Yo, yo. It’s Grant. This article is going to be how to pass any girl’s shit test with ease. You’re definitely going to want to stay to the end of this article because we got some bangers in here, boy. Basically, if you are trying to build attraction with a girl, you’re going to get […]

How To Approach A Girl At The Gym | A Unique Perspective

How to approach a girl at the gym – a unique perspective. Approaching a girl at the gym can work. I have done it successfully, and I know many other guys who have done it as well. But with that being said, it’s not the easiest. Approaching a girl in the gym – in my […]

I’m Not Getting Any Matches On Tinder, What Can I Do?

If you’re currently stuck thinking “I’m not getting any matches on tinder”, then this article is for you. Lucky for you, even if you’re currently not getting any matches on Tinder, there are specific things you can do to get your matches up. And they are all fairly easy. There Are Many Reason For Not […]

How To Take Tinder Pictures By Yourself & Get “Too Many” Matches

How to take Tinder pictures by yourself It’s not secret that the quality of your tinder pictures can quite literally make or break your success on Tinder. This is a known fact. The only problem is, even with this knowledge, so many guys still throw up absolutely terrible pictures of themselves – sometimes even of […]

How To Talk To A Girl On Snapchat (The Ultimate Guide)

How To Talk To A Girl On Snapchat (The Ultimate Guide). A lot of younger girls (below age 30) are addicted to snapchat. There’s not really another way to put it. To be honest, I didn’t originally didn’t have snapchat because I wanted to be the cool guy that didn’t use it, but when I […]

Honest Hinge App Review: From Someone Who’s Actually Used It

This is an honest Hinge app review – from A Guy who’s actually used it. Quick summary at the bottom. My Hinge App Story I first used hinge roughly 2 years ago. And at that time, it was branded as “the relationship app” (may still be) and the general vibe was that people on Hinge […]

How To Respond To Hey On Bumble (And Actually Meet up)

How to respond to hey on bumble – and actually meet up. “Hey” is one of the most common openers that girls will slide into your DMs with on Bumble. And how you respond to her “hey” message to you can quite literally make or break the entire interaction. Instead of just responding “hey” back […]


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