How To Pass A Girl’s Shit Tests With Ease

Yo, yo. It’s Grant. This article is going to be how to pass any girl’s shit test with ease.

You’re definitely going to want to stay to the end of this article because we got some bangers in here, boy.

Basically, if you are trying to build attraction with a girl, you’re going to get a shirt test, right?

“Grant, what’s a shit test?”

In its simplest form, a shit test is a girl’s way of trying to see where you are in the status hierarchy and the dominance hierarchy.

By using only words, she will make a statement and use your reaction to that statement to pinpoint you as a high value or low value man.

She’s going to peg you in one of those two categories depending on how you answer or respond to the shit test.

So if a girl gives you a shit test, it’s basically like giving you an opportunity on a platter, saying “show me if you’re high status or low status,”.

She’s basically saying, “Show me your cards” because a lot of guys will try to act high status until they get a girl that’s good at shit tests.

If that same guy actually thinks of himself as low status inside of his own head, and then is pressed by the girl, he gets exposed.

Passing A Girl’s Shit Tests Build Massive Attraction

Passing a shit test is one of the most important parts of building attraction with a woman because it builds what’s called congruency,

It shows them, oh, he actually is the high status guy that he’s marketing himself as.

We’re going to cover everything here, but in its simplest version, the shit test is just a girl trying to determine in her own mind if the guy she’s testing is either high or low status.

How To Know It’s A Shit Test

You’ll know you’re getting a shit test when your initial urge is to basically qualify yourself to a girl.

She’s going to say something that’s going to make you want to initially start qualifying yourself, but it’s a trap

Qualifying is when someone starts giving reasons to someone else why they are good enough, cool enough, etc. They are basically forming arguments to prove to somebody that they are worthy of their approval.

For example, a girl may say “why are you wearing black shoes? Gross.”

And the guy that fails the shit test and qualifies himself will be like “Ohh uhh I only had one pair of shoes left and all the other ones were dirty but I usually wear white shoes I promise!!!”

See that?

Here’s another example:

I’m 24 years old, and I date a lot of girls that are mid-twenties to early thirties. A lot of these girls, if they’re older than me (especially if they’re 28, 29 plus) are going to shit test me about my age at some point. It’s normal.

In this girl’s particular case, she goes… ” Awwww, you’re 24?” That’s a shit test.

At that point, I have two options. I can be like, “Yeah, but I’m like a cool 24 year old.”… Which is trash. Don’t do that. Because if I did that, I’d be qualifying myself.

3 Ways To Pass A Shit Test:

You either ignore it, accept and exaggerate, or you flip the frame.

Ignore it – If a girl shit tests you, option #1 is just to ignore it. This means that you just continue on the conversation like normal, completely ignoring the shit test and keeping control of the frame.

Agree And Exaggerate – This is when you basically say “it’s actually worse than you’re giving me shit for” in a completely playful way.

For the above example, the girl says “awwwww, you’re 24?”

A great accept and exaggerate would be saying “I JUST turned 24. I was literally in a crib 20 minutes ago”.

Or “bb I literally JUST turned 24. I was literally breastfeeding last night”.

See that?

It’s just taking her shit test and dumping it on its head through humor and confidence. There is nothing more attractive to a girl than passing her shit test by making her laugh.

Flip The Frame – The flip the frame is best for slower text conversations, while the accept and exaggerate is better for high-energy banters.

All the flipping the frame is is using the opposite of what the girl says to your advantage. So when she says “awww you’re 24”, I come back with “wait you’re 26? What are you going to do with your 2 good years left?”.

Her simple “you’re too young” shit test was flipped into a “you’re too old” shit test.

After she said “aww you’re 24?” I said:

Who hurt you, BB? Tell me your scars.”

So with that, can you see the frame I’m coming from? I’m coming from “24 year olds are the shit.”

It’s my frame over her frame.

She then goes, “Hmm. I just don’t really talk to anyone my age or younger in that case. LOL. I’m going to be 27 next month… Shit’s getting real old.”

She did alright (sort of).

She was originally trying to roast me for being young but I instantly flipped it with the stronger frame. and started roasting her for being old.

You could even start calling her grandma, lol. You can do all this stuff. But you have to be careful…

Because if a girl gives you a shit test – especially with age – usually there’s an insecurity there, right? So she’s kind of insecure that she would be talking to a 24 year old due to her age.

But keep in mind if you flip that too hard on the person, they could actually start to get offended.

It’s like someone who thinks they’re fat will go around calling everybody else fat.

They’ll say, “Oh, you’re fat. You’re fat”. But if they get called fat, they’re going to get broken by it, right, because they’re revealing their cards.

If someone’s going around calling everyone else fat, they have an insecurity about them being fat. They’re showing you their hand and they don’t even know they’re playing poker.

So in the same way, by her shit testing me for my age, she’s got a weird age thing. So be careful.

I wouldn’t go too hard because I have lost women from roasting them too hard on their own shit test..

Another Example:

At some point, I got her Instagram and now we’re talking in Instagram, right? So we’re talking and then she goes, “I like your young boy energy, It’s kind of refreshing.”

Again, another age-related shit test.

With this one, I simply ignore it. I just respond with “You’re going to love it tomorrow,” and then continue inviting myself over to her house.

So she says, “I like your young boy energy.” Instead of getting offended or anything, just say, “You’re going to love it tomorrow.” Right?

You just go with the flow. You never get reactive or defensive.

There’s nothing wrong about it or bad about it. It’s just your frame over her frame. So if she says, “Oh, you got young boy energy,” I just say, “You’re going to love it tomorrow.”

When To Decide To Not Pass Her Shit Tests And Let Her Go

Once you start talking to more women, you will begin to decipher what types of women you like and what women you don’t like.

One of the distinctions you will begin to make is whether or not the girl is giving you shit tests because she is genuinely trying to see if she’s attracted to you – or if she’s giving you shit tests because she is angry and filled with a lot of low-level energy.

A lot of times you will experience very emotionally damage women who begin to get mean with their shit tests in a non-flirty way. If this happens to you, understand that these women are not emotionally healthy and there is no winning their game. Your best bet in this situation is to simply either not respond to her message or tell her you are no longer interested because you don’t want to deal with her energy – and then respectfully leave.

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