How To Get Laid On Tinder / Bumble (Even If You Live With Your Parents

Yo yo. It’s Grant. And in this Article, it’s going to be all about how to get laid on Tinder or Bumble, even if you live with your parents.

You’re going to want to devour this thing to the end because there are some nuggets in this thing, dude.

I Was In Your Position

Chevrolet Astro - Wikipedia

The only reason I know any of this is because I was in your exact same situation…

I lived with my parents, had no money, was dead broke – but was literally dating very, very pretty girls with no assets whatsoever.

I had nothing. And it didn’t matter.

I drove a 1999 dented Astro van that people literally made fun of me for because it looked like a pedo van.

Like, If you were a pedophile, you would see that van and be like, “I love that.”

But enough about me. let’s jump into the content.

Step 1: Mindset

I am whole {enough}.

The first thing you need to understand and believe in your soul is that you don’t need anything but yourself to date beautiful women. Does that make sense?

So right now, in your head, you might think (because I was once this person too) that you need a really nice house.

Or a really nice car.

Or you might think you need an amazing career and all that stuff. Right?

But let’s say you have nothing. And you’re perfectly happy with living with your parents forever.

Obviously I would encourage you to go out and make money, learn the skills needed to start an online business, and then do it. But you don’t have to if all you want to do is get laid.

That ultra-high quality girl that wouldn’t usually have a long-term “official” relationship with a guy like you right now, would, believe it or not, still bang you.

That’s the craziest part about it. And that’s one thing I want to really get through your head – that although you may need that stuff for a longterm relationship with a high-quality girl…

You don’t need anything to hook up with her for one night.

In fact, you don’t need anything to date her for four to five months.

I dated a girl for an entire year and she never went to my house one time, lol.

So believe me when I tell you that you don’t need any of that at all. All you need is the confidence in yourself.

Believe That You’re The Shit

Thoughts on life: How do douchebags not realize it?

You need to believe that you, yourself, what you like, what you don’t like, and your opinions, are fucking awesome. And that anyone who talks trash about what you believe or what you think is wrong.

You need supreme confidence in yourself.

“But Grant, I don’t have supreme confidence.”

That’s fine.

I’m still going to tell you how to hook up with the girl even if you have nothing, including confidence, lol.

So here’s exactly how to get laid on Tinder or Bumble, even if you live with your parents.

Learn Game And How To Create Attraction With Women

86 - Acquire Skills, Master a Skill

First thing’s first. Learn game.

This means you need to understand attraction triggers. You need to understand female psychology and what turns women on.

Once you know this, nothing else matters, bro.

To get laid, you don’t need car, house, boat, or to be 6’11.

You just need to learn game.

So… get really good at attracting women.


Because it’s a skill you can learn even if you think you’re ugly, short, r anything else.

In fact, I guarantee that if you’re thinking “Oh man I can’t get girls because x and x and x”…. you don’t know game yet. Because if you understood game, you would realize none of that stuff matters.

So if you currently think, “Oh, I’m not tall enough. Oh, I’m not rich enough. I’m not good looking enough,” or anything like that. The issue isn’t the physical. The issue is inside of you.

It’s your spiritual mechanism. Your beliefs are not fully “revved up” to what they could be. So, number one, get that figured out.

Don’t Tell Her That You Live With Your Parents

At 31, I still live at home with my parents – and I wouldn't swap it for  the world

If you’re talking to her, don’t tell her that you live with your parents.

Dude, if you live with your parents, you have to understand that if you’re just going to bang or hook up with a girl, she doesn’t have to know anything about you.

She only knows what you present to her.

Does that make sense?

So don’t tell her that you live with your parents.

If she asks you about your living situation, just say apartment. She’s never going to see it anyway. So just tell her you live in your own apartment. It’s very simple.

I wouldn’t say “I have a nine story, luxury mansion.” But I also wouldn’t say “I live with my parents.”

I would just say I have my own apartment. And then I would go onto a different subject.

So, the biggest thing, number one, is don’t tell her you live with your parents because that will kill attraction.

Bit here’s the crazy part about it…

You can live with your parents and that fact alone doesn’t matter because she doesn’t know.

BUT, If she knows you live with your parents, that’s what’s going to kill you.

Does that make sense?

Perception is everything.

Dress To Impress

If you want to get laid with a girl from Tinder or Bumble and you have nothing, dress to impress. This will help you tremendously.

When you go onto the date, dress like you have stuff. Dress like you have your own place. Dress like you’re a high quality man. She doesn’t know anything about you, right? She’s never met you before. She only knows what you tell her.

So you have to present an image that is attractive.

I don’t care how unimportant you think your style is – I can’t stress this enough. If you dress better, women will become more attracted to you.

Because what women think is attractive (like dressing better) has five of those attraction triggers built into it that you won’t even understand right now.

But I guarantee you, if you dress better, you’ll get better results.

Check this out:

Find an outfit on there and copy it. Go to Ross, go to whatever, and copy the outfit.

You don’t even have to keep it, bro.

Just find an outfit on there, choose one you like, and go by it’s less expensive replica. Then wear it to the date.

You can return it afterwards.

And you could keep doing that forever.

You don’t even need to own the clothes, bro. I was buying really dope clothes (when I barely had any money) and was returning it after the date.

I did that 30 times. You just need to be resourceful.

Show up to that date and look fucking fire, dog. Look fire.

No one should see you and be like, “That guy lives with his parents.”

They should see you and be like, “That’s a fucking good looking motherfucker.”

Learn Personal Grooming

Clean Fade and beard line-up done by @signaturebarber | Beard fade, Beard  line, Haircuts for men

Learn how to trim your beard. Learn how to line your beard. Learn what facial hair works for you. Learn what type of haircut works for you.

My hair randomly got curly one day. I literally woke up and my hair was curly. And I realized, “Oh, I can do the curly hair down style.”

And so now, I always get compliments from girls about how they like my haircut (and I never used to even do this style). I just realized one day I could do it. Then I tried it and it worked.

So get a haircut, trim your beard, all that stuff. Look good.

Plan Your Date Near Her House (Very Important)

How to Use Google Maps to Plan an Awesome Vacation | WIRED

This is a good one. This is a you-only-learn-this-in-the trenches type tip. You ONLY learn this in the trenches, boy.

Find out where she lives early in the conversation and then plan your date near her house.

So let’s say you’re in a neighboring town like me and you’re going to go on a date downtown. That’s pretty common. I would always go to the actual city with girls to get drinks.

So, early in the conversation, I’d be like, “Ha ha. Are you downtown downtown? Are in a neighboring town?”

And she’d be like, “Oh, I’m actually downtown. I have an apartment downtown.”

I’d be like, “Okay, dope.”

Then i’d just move forward in the convo while keeping her location in mind.

Because listen, I live with my parents. I don’t want her to come to my house. I want to go to her house. She doesn’t have to see anything from me…

So in my head I’m thinking “how do I get to her house”?

Hint: plan the date near her house.

So when the date’s over, you can be like, “Hey, I’m coming over. Ha ha ha.” And she’ll be like, “Haha What!?” while laughing. And you’ll be like, “Yeah seriously can’t wait to cuddle you.” And then she’s like, “Okay, fine.”

And then you’re at her apartment.

If anything comes up you just say, “Oh, I live way over there.”

So find out where she lives early in the conversation and plan your date near her house so she never has to see yours. That’s some next level shit right there.

Strategically Park Far AF Away

Are You Hiding From Potential Clients?

What else was I saying?

Oh, as far as the date goes, you probably don’t have any money and you probably have a shitty car, right?

I did when I lived at home. I drove a 1999 battered Astro van, bro.

So, what did I do?

When I went to the date I showed up about 10, 15 minutes early.

Some dating coaches might be like, “Never show up to the date early. You’re going to look like a beta male.”

Dude, fuck all that. You got to do what’s best for you.

I would get there 10 minutes early because I would buy my own drink and only my own drink. I didn’t have any money.

If you show up after the girl, do you know how much pressure there is on you to buy her a drink?

If you say, “Oh, I’m going to go get a drink” and she follows you up, it takes some courage to just get your own drink. That’s advanced game.

If you’ve been dating for a long time, you can be next to a girl and just pay for your own drink like it doesn’t matter and be unphased.

But if you’re a newbie you’re like, “Oh, shit. Is the girl not going to like me?” It’s anxiety building.

So get to the date early and buy your own drink. When she shows up, you should already be sipping a drink and you should just be on your phone looking down.

Then when she shows up, she’ll say, “Hey”. When she does, text for just a second longer with a “Oh, I’m going to get you in a second,” face.

It will look like you’re just doing your thing when she says “Hey”. Because you’ll still be texting, kind of ignoring her. And then you say, “Oh, Hey, what up?” And you have your beer right there.

You’ll be like, “Yeah, the beers looked so good, I couldn’t wait. I’m sorry.”

And then she’ll be like, “Okay.”

Then you guys might talk for a little bit.

She’ll say, “I’m going to go get a drink.” And you’ll say, “Okay.” And then she’ll get her drink.

So now you guys are drinking.

But here’s some next level game, bro:

Before she finishes her drink you say…

“So you’re going to buy me another drink?”

It’s kind of cocky. It’s kind of funny. And usually the girl will say yes.

And then, by the time you guys have two drinks, you’ll either move locations or you’ll do whatever. So you got a free drink.

I do that all the time. Or I did do that all the time when I had no money because I would get a free drink and wouldn’t have to buy it.

I’d buy one drink for myself and she would buy the other one. And then we’d be at her house.

You don’t have to even buy drinks.

Also, if you drive a shitty car like I did, park the car far away, dude.

It’s another reason to show up early.

If you have a shit car, don’t even risk her seeing you in a shitty car. Literally park 10 blocks away.

I would park 10 blocks away when I had my shitty van because that way she’s not going to see you drive away in a shitty car. Don’t ruin your brand.

Escalate Physically Throughout The Date In Small Steps

Cheeky teenager holds onto escalator to slide across a bench and put his arm  around a girl | Daily Mail Online

This is huge.

So the goal is to get laid on the first date, right?

To get laid on the first date, you can’t just not touch her all date and then suddenly fuck her.

If you haven’t done any touching at all, it’s super hard to go from zero to 100. Even I would feel super awkward doing that. So what you have to do is you have to be building up touch all the time.

You’ll do it in little baby steps until she feels very comfortable.

So she shows up, you give her a hug.

Give her a hug to do the touch. Say, “Hey, great to see you.”

She’ll sit down. She says a joke. You laugh and you touch your shoulder. Be like, “Ha ha ha,” touch. “Ha ha ha,”. Another touch.

Tell a story and bring her into your arm. Have some story where you’re hugging her and squeezing her and rocking her. Control her a little bit so she’s used to just being in your arms.

Now you haven’t even left the venue and she’s already comfortable touching you. Then later on in the night, later on when you’re hanging out with her, you can arm over her or around her or you can bring her in and cuddle with her.

And then get really intimate and then start kissing her a little bit.

Kiss Her You Coward

Rebel Wilson Gets Kiss From Boyfriend Jacob Busch During Date Night! |  Jacob Busch, Rebel Wilson | Just Jared

I always recommend try to kiss on the first date. I don’t really have any first dates anymore that I don’t kiss or make out on the first…

Honestly, it’s rare that I don’t smash on the first date now because I’ve learned game. But you want to at least peck on the first date if you can.

Just at least a peck, a kiss, something during the date if you really want to get laid during it.

Build up touch. Get her comfortable with you.

Master The Art Of Inviting Yourself Over

Really Interesting idea we are doing it my way - Kill Yourself NoCaption |  Meme Generator

Once you’ve kissed her and you’ve built up a lot of physical touch, you’re going to make a joke.

Say, “Hey, can’t wait to go to your house!” Or “Are we going to your house?”.

I’ll just be like, “I’m going to your house?” she’ll be like, “Ha ha ha.” as she’s checking if I’m serious.

It’s kind of a joke, but not a joke. I do it all the time. I call it inviting yourself over.

You’re just going to assume that you’re going to go to her house. And usually they say okay. You’ll be like, “Hey, we’re going to go to your house and getting some drinks.”

Or you’ll be like, “Hey, we’ll go to your house. I’ll get some cheap wine.” She’ll be like, “Okay.”

They usually don’t have a problem with it because they’re already comfortable with you.

The only issue she would have is if you were a freak psycho on the date and you didn’t make her feel comfortable.

But let’s say she does. So you’re like:

“Grant, I took all your advice. She didn’t see my car. She didn’t see anything at all. I was touching her when I should have. I was building up little touches throughout the night.

By the middle of the date, we’re making out. Maybe even a little rub, rub, bang, bang finger action.

You never know.

Stay Undercover

Undercover Stealth Car Guy - On the Point - Auto Dealer Today

Depending on where you park, you can also say, “Hey, I’m going to make a phone call so text me your address now.”

Because you don’t want her to drive and you guys be behind each other at a stoplight where she can see your shitty car. So you want to make sure she’s gone.

So, depending on where you park, you can say, “Hey, text me your address” and wait in your car. Or you can say, “Hey, text me your address. I got to make a quick phone call. And then I’m going to come.”

Just make sure she’s gone and then you drive to her house. Park away from her house so she doesn’t see your shitty car.

And then you just go over to her house and bang, bro. It’s really that easy.

It’s really that easy.

So, from her perspective, she’s like “Oh, he’s got his stuff together.”

You’re super funny. You show up to the date. You’re looking hot. You’re looking fire, bro.

So she’s like, “Oh, this guy dresses well.”

You have funny jokes. You’re touching her the right way.

She’s like, “Oh, he’s actually really cool.”

Then you come over. And then she goes, “Oh, I want to…” And you play your cards right.

And now you have just gotten laid on Tinder or Bumble while living with your parents.

Does it matter that you live with your parents? Not for hooking up.

So, that’s all I got for you. Wish you the best of luck. Any questions at all, I will answer your questions.


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