Top 5 Tinder Rules For Guys In 2021

Yo, yo, this is Grant – and this article is going to be five tinder rules for guys on 2021.

These tips work. So it doesn’t matter if you’re on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Grindr, Meet Cupid, or anything else…

And it doesn’t matter if you’re attracted to girls, guys, aliens, pets, bottles of whiskey, spoons… DOESN’T MATTER!

Whatever you’re into, follow these five dating principles and apply them to be wildly successful.

Tip #1: Get High Quality Pictures

I can not explain to you how important high quality pictures are, because here’s the reason:

A lot of guys will say, “Grant, I’m not attractive enough. I’m not pretty enough,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Dude, here’s the red pill truth that you need to hear. It does not matter how physically attractive you were born – as in the the shape of your face, type of hair you have, etc.

It also doesn’t matter how tall you are…

The only thing that matters is getting a high quality picture. But there’s a lot that goes into that.

Things needed for a high quality picture:

  • Good resolution camera (clear picture quality)
  • Good lighting
  • Face clearly visible
  • Good style
  • Facial hair trimmed / maintained
  • Haircut that fits face / style
  • Good pose

Trim That Beard, Boy

You need to trim your facial hair. Get a good-looking, trimmed + maintained beard.

Find a hairstyle that works for your face. Try out different hairstyles. Find one you like an copy it. Literally.

Go to any hot guy’s Instagram page, and just copy what he does.

Wear his clothes. Try out his haircut. Find his girlfriend and finger-bang her. It doesn’t matter. Be him for a day.

You could be the ugliest guy in the world. But, if you have a well-maintained beard, good style, and picture is very high quality, you’re going to get matches, bro.

Tip #2: Write A Great Bio

#2 is write a great bio. ALWAYS avoid the generic, boring phrases like “I work at accounting”. “I love dogs”. “I like to party”.

Instead what you want to do is express your own interests (or jokes) in a way that is creative.

Let’s say you love working out. Instead of just saying, “Love to work out,” make it creative and playful.

Say something like, “Looking for my future wife and she’s dressed in lulu legging”. Or something like “Looking for my future wife and she’s waiting to spot me on a bench press.”

Make it something creative and playful.

Or maybe you’re an accountant who likes smart girls. Instead of saying “Im an accountant”….

You could be like, “Only like girls if they’re into numbers, #accountant.”

or “If you ain’t smart, not talking to you, #accountant.”.

Make it interesting.

Put something fun in there.

Tip #3: Don’t Simp On Your Opener

Please, For God’s sake, don’t simp on your opener.

This means do not go into a girl’s DMs and be like, “Hey baby, you’re so beautiful. Oh my God, you’re gorgeous.”

“You’re an angel on earth”. “Oh, I just really want to take you on one date. Just please let me take you on one ā€¦”

Don’t do that.

You got to slide in like a man. Slide in like a man that bangs women every day.

You got to be fierce with it. And there’s a bunch of different openers you can use.

The Opener

The opener doesn’t really matter, as long as you’re not simping.

I’ve slid in with one-word openers before. As long as you’re not simping, you have a good shot.

Because here’s the crazy thing:

Your profile is your opener.

So if you can master getting good pictures + have a good bio, you don’t need much for the opener because your profile has done so much for you.

Think about it.

If Brad Pitt had a really, really good dating profile, he could just slide in with a period – literally a dot – and the girl would be like, “Oh my God,” because he’s got status. His profile did everything for him.

In the same way, you can make a profile that makes you look like a boss – and if you look like a boss – you don’t really have to say anything with the opener.

On the other side of the spectrum, if for your profile pics you’re in a dark room in every one of your pictures rocking a satanic hoodie and a bowl cut – you could have the best opener ever and she’s still going to be like “What the fuck?”.

So get good pics.

Tip #4 – Do Not Succumb To Shit Tests

A shit test is simply a girl’s way of determining how high value of a man you really are.

With one simple comment, she will be able to see where you decide to place yourself in the dominance heirarchy.

If you’re 24 (like me) she’ll be like, ” Awwww you’re 24?”.

That’s it.

That’s the shit test.

It’s like she’s saying “aww you’re super young and you think you’re good enough for me?” wrapped into a simple comment known as a shit test.

You can tell it’s a shit test whenever you think the girl is trying to make you qualify yourself to her.

AKA explain to her why you’re good enough for her, instead of her explaining why she’s good enough for you.

3 Ways To Pass Every Shit Test:

Remember: If you are unreactive to a shit test, you pass.And if you can make her laugh with you response to a shit test, you’ve just scored HUGE points.

Here are 3 ways to pass:

#1: Ignore it – One way you can pass a shit test is by ignoring it.

This means that (sticking on the “Awww you’re 24?” example) when she says that, you simply continue a different thread of the conversation – completely ignoring her shit test and therefore passing it in the process.

Her: I finished biz school, got my masters.

Her: You look younger than 25

You: Wait you got your MBA?

You: LOL yes i’m 24 bb

Her: Yes I just got it last semester! So excited to be done!!

Her: Awww you’re 24?

You: honestly shocked u passed, were u scared u were gonna be in college forever

and that’s all you send. You just ignore the second part.

#2 – Agree And Exaggerate – This is when you just agree with what she said, and then exaggerate it to a whole new level. Pretty straight forward.

Her: Awww you’re 24?

You: bbgirl I JUST turned 24. I was literally in a crib 20 mins ago.


Her: Awww you’re 24?

You: Literally just finished breastfeeding 20 mins ago.

All you do is take her shit test to the next level.

#3 – Flip it – This is when you flip the shit test on her, and create a shit test of you’re own.

Her: Awwww you’re 24?

You: Wait… you’re 26? Omg. I didn’t think you were that old…

What are you going to do with your 3 good years left?


Her: Awwww you’re 24?

You: Omg are you a cougar? I’ve never dated a grandma.

The flip is pretty simple. You’re just turning her negative into a positive and then flipping it onto her.

Tip #5 – Move It Off Of Tinder Asap

You don’t want to keep the conversation on the dating app. And you preferably don’t want to have more than one conversation on it either.

This means that before the first conversation fizzles or dies out, you’re going to want to get another medium of communication from her – either snapchat, instagram, or her #.

The best time to close is after you’ve already built up some comfort with her and have everything at a high point.

This means she’ll either be laughing at one of your jokes or saying something like “Ha-ha, oh my God,” at a high emotional point in the conversation.

All you have to respond with is “Haha, what’s your IG?”.

“Haha, what’s your Snapchat?” “Haha, what’s your whatever?”

It doesn’t matter what it is. You just want to move it off of the dating app as soon as possible.

Once Off The App, Use Texts As Logistics / Attraction Building Only

Once it’s off the dating app, think of it as a logistical tool.

when you’re first sliding into the DMs on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, etc – you first have to build attraction with her.

But once it’s there, get the Instagram, Snapchat, number, whatever, and move it off the dating app.

Once there, think of texting her as a logistical tool.

So instead of saying things to her like “hows your day going :)” and using her as your texting buddy – save that stuff for in person and only send her texts like “when are you free?” “Let’s do this”. “How about we do this”. Etc.

You: Let’s hang out this time or this time

Her: Okay, cool

You: Okay, awesome. See you then

Then you stop texting her.

Stop just dragging out these boring conversations with women, bro.

Get her attracted – and then once she’s attracted – use your texts for logistics only. Do not make her your texting buddy.


I love you. Wishing you the best of luck, health, riches, and women.

Have a wonderful day.


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