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I’m Not Getting Any Matches On Tinder, What Can I Do?

If you’re currently stuck thinking “I’m not getting any matches on tinder”, then this article is for you.

Lucky for you, even if you’re currently not getting any matches on Tinder, there are specific things you can do to get your matches up. And they are all fairly easy.

There Are Many Reason For Not Getting Matches On Tinder

… And very few of them have to do with how attractive your face is. The main reason guys don’t get matches on Tinder is because they haven’t put enough time or effort into their profile.

You’re going to be surprised how quickly your matches will explode by simply putting some more effort into the specific areas we are going to cover in this article. So let’s get into it.

Reason #1 For No Tinder Matches: You Mass Swiped

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Mass swiping is when you simply swipe “yes” on every single profile you come across. This is by far the biggest match killer when it comes to Tinder.

Tinder has algorithms they use to determine each individual profile’s success when it comes to matching. And when you mass swipe, you are destroying your chance of being seen as a legitimate profile worthy of matches. If you do nothing else, the one thing that will help you out on Tinder will be being more selective with your matches. You should only swipe right every once and a while.

Reason #2 For No Matches: Your Profile Sucks

The other reason you’re not getting any matches (assuming you never mass swiped) is because your profile sucks.

This can be for a few different reasons:

Your pictures suck


Your bios suck

A lot of guys confuse “having a bad profile” with “being ugly”. Even if you consider yourself the most unattractive person on the face of the planet, you can still have great success on tinder with a good profile.

Here is what you’re going to want to do to make sure your profile is optimized for matches.

Biggest Reason For No Tinder Matches? You Don’t Have High-Quality Pictures

Having bad pictures is the #1 reason that people aren’t getting any matches on tinder. I have an entire article on how to take tinder pictures by yourself.

Even if you’re not the most attractive guy in the world, there is no excuse for not having good, high-quality pictures. I have friends who have self-rated themselves a 5 in the looks department, and still get amazing results from Tinder because they had a friend take pictures of them in nice clothes.

Here are some examples of things to avoid in your tinder pictures:

Poorly lit photos – try to avoid having any photos that are dark or scary. Good lighting is going to be a good-picture essential.

Messy rooms / mess in general – Try to avoid having any pictures of you with any visible mess in the background. Portraying a cleanly persona is something that a lot of guys surprisingly don’t do.

Pictures without a clean haircut – A great haircut takes an hour and costs like $30. The small amount of effort it takes to get a clean haircut vs. how much it will help your profile is a great thing.

Pictures without trimmed facial hair – Unless your wild beard is a “style” and looks like a conscious decision, trimming your facial hair can make a massive difference. There are plenty of youtube videos on grooming for men.

Bad group photos – A lot of guys will have group photos where nobody can tell who they are. This is a bad idea. If you generate any type of frustration in the person looking at your profile, they are most likely going to swipe left and move on.

Memes / Gifs – Too many guys put random gifs / memes in their profile for one of the first couple of pictures. Avoid this. If attracting someone of the opposite sex is your goal, then leave these types of pictures out of your profile.

Create A Great Bio

Too many guys put nothing, or only boring things, into their bio. This is no bueno. I have an entire article on how to write a tinder bio here.

If you’re currently thinking to yourself “I’m not getting any matches on Tinder”, and have really good pictures, then the next logical thing to look at would be your bio.

Here’s my current bio:

The obvious route I took with this bio is Humor. If girls don’t enjoy humor, they won’t swipe right. And if they do, they will.

This is perfect because I’m at a point in my life where no matter how hot the girl is, I wouldn’t want to spend time with her if she didn’t understand humor or was easily offended. It is a qualifier as much as it is a differentiator.

Open Up Your Location Preferences

If you haven’t mass swiped, have great pictures, and have a bio of the gods, then the next thing you’re going to want to do is open up your location preferences.

Mine location preferences are usually set at about 20 miles for logistical purposes. There is a large city about 20 miles away from me, so I can get most of the matches in that city. This obviously depends on where you live.

If you’ve been mass swiping, then you may need to set your location to 100 miles and then go through those matches again while being more selective. Once you start getting a couple matches, you can then tone reduce the range of potential matches and start matching with people closer to you.

Re-do Your Tinder Profile And Get Back Out There

If you’re currently mass swiping with bad pictures and a lazy bio, then you’re doing everything completely backwards.

If this sounds like you, then it’s time to take a little bit of time to completely revamp your profile. This means better pictures, and a better bio.

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