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The Single Best Tinder Opener You Will Ever Find (And 2 Others)

Here is the best tinder opener that you will ever find.

The reason these tinder openers are so powerful is because they show a level of creativity that most men either don’t have or simply won’t engage with. And girls will recognize that.

Although these tinder openers may seem difficult at first, practicing and using Google as your friend will build your opener skills to the point that you will be able to generate a creative tinder opener wherever and whenever you want. And these skills will serve you for years to come.

You Need To Separate Yourself On Tinder Openers

The reason for the Tinder opener isn’t just to start up a conversation, but also to separate yourself from the hundreds of other boring guys she is getting messages from each and every day.

I have seen “tinder graveyards” of girl’s phones stacked to the brim with messages from hundreds of dudes (including very attractive guys) that she had stockpiled in her unread box all because they had openers like “hey” “hi” or “hows it going”.

The reason these boring openers never get responded to is because it is putting a lot of pressure on the girl to continue the conversation. But when you make a pun out of her name, the conversation will instantly flow more naturally because the creativity in the opener will spark a reaction. And then you can react to her reaction.

Get Your Profile Right Before You Send The Best Tinder Opener Ever

Even if you do in fact send the best Tinder opener in the game, chances are it will still flop if your profile is bad.

Before you start sending these tinder openers, you’re going to want to make sure you spend some time putting some effort into your Tinder profile and making it something that is actually presentable and attractive to people. Here are some things that will help your profile (and therefore your response rates)

Get High Quality Pictures

Getting high quality pictures is as easy as asking your friend to take pictures of you on your iphone or posting an ad on craigslist and telling someone they can take portrait pictures of you to build up their portfolio. I can not stress enough how important having good (and high quality) pictures on your profile is. And if you can, get a picture with a dog. This is a big deal.

Write A Funny Bio

Girls love humor. To put yourself in the best position possible for success, you are going to want to write something that is at least moderately funny. I would also go a step further and say that “cocky humor” would be even better, but that really depends on the type of girl you’re looking to attract. Be aware that how you construct your profile will attract and repel specific types of people.


Now that we’ve covered that…

Here’s the best Tinder opener ever.

The Best Tinder Opener: Punning Names

Out of all the tinder openers I have tried (and I have tried thousands) by far the most consistently successful openers are the ones where I have actively used the girl’s name in a pun. You’d be surprised at just how many names you can spin into a pun and use in a creative / funny way.

The reason these are the best tinder openers are because they are usually completely unique to anything the girl has ever seen. And that’s starting off the interaction in a memorable way that she will appreciate – because most guys won’t come this close to either the effort or creativity put into the opener.

Google Is Your Friend When It Comes To The Best Tinder Opener

Sometimes you will get really unique names that you don’t think you can pun. Think again. If you come across a name that you don’t think you can pun, you can usually rhyme the name and create a funny phrase by substituting the word that rhymes with their name for their actual name. You can also use nicknames – like “Sammi” for Samantha – and say something like “gurl do u live in Subway cuz u r the prize Sammi”. Does it make sense? Not really. But it does use their name as a pun.

Examples Of The Best Tinder Opener In Action (The Name Pun)

Here are real examples of the best tinder opener being sent to different girls with different names. Notice how for each of these situations, you can generally think of something to pun their name with. Sometimes you might have to get creative, and even stretch it, but it is usually doable. I’ll also be going over another option if her name is simply im-punsible to pun.

As you can see, the “name punning” opener usually gets amazing responses. And I have personally used it to open many conversations that have lead to actual dates followed by actual relationships.

If The Best Tinder Opener Can’t Work, Now What?


Sometimes you will find girls that have ridiculously unique names that simply cannot be punned no matter how hard you try. If this happens, simply revert to song or poetry. Works like a charm.

For the sake of this example, I used Lauren as an example. Lauren’s name can most definitely be punned, but for the sake of the article, I chose to rendition the song Hey There Delilah and slid in with that. These work pretty well too because they still involve some level of creativity, which again, most guys won’t have / do.


Putting girl’s names into songs is another great tinder opener because, well, you have a lot of songs to choose from.

I will usually either use songs they have recommended in their bios or things I think they will like from the type of person they are portraying on their profile. So if it’s a county girl, i’ll use a country song.

If you can use their name and something else in their bio, it works even better. Even though Lauren’s name is extremely punnable, for the sake of this article, I put it into a song with where she was from. You’d be surprised how many different ways you can do songs like this, all of which being extremely unique to the girl you are sending them to.

Responding To Statements in Their Bio

Responding to statements in their bio is another great way to showcase some creativity while also delivering very unique openers.

The reason responding to statements in their bio is so effective is because you are instantly building rapport by bringing up something that are are either interested in or familiar with.

Do You Have A Best Tinder Opener?

The name puns are by far the most successful tinder openers that I have ever used that have any form of consistency to them. When I think back on what has worked, it has been either a name pun or a random, song, or something i’ve responded to on their profile.

Do you have any other best tinder openers? If you do, feel free to share them below. I’ll try them out.

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