How To Talk To A Girl In Class (Completely Step-By-Step)

You’re a fine gentleman wanting to know how to talk to a girl in class.

Alas’ my friend, you’ve come to the right place.

Does this sound like you?

There’s a cute girl in your class. Which is Awesome.

And you really want to talk to her. Even awesome(er).

The only problem is, you know deep down that if you mess it up, well, you’ll still have class with her. Which will be really, really awkward. So you’re left wondering…

I’ve been there. It’s not fun.

But i’ve also successfully turned girls in my classes into long-term girlfriends.

And that IS fun.

So to help you avoid a potentially awkward situation, i’m going to give you my best tips for talking to that girl in your class (and even getting her to like you.)

Because let’s be honest…

You don’t just want to talk to her.

You want to have a relationship with her.

And you know the best way for you to do that is to actually talk to her in a way that doesn’t make it awkward for the rest of the term, right?

It’s like a love sneak attack.

So let’s get into it.

Step #1: Plant The Seed That You Exist

Depending on your class size, you might be surrounded by hundreds of other people. If that’s the case, you’re going to need to plant the seed that you exist. AKA say something to her to initially break the ice.

Do NOT go up to her if you’ve never spoken to her before and start asking her things like “Where are you from, what do you like to do, how are you today, etc”. Because if you bring that boring conversation to the goddess in the 3rd row, she’s going to leave you BURNED.

Instead, you’re going to have to understand that this girl in your class knows absolutely nothing about you. So if you just walk up to her and start asking her boring questions, she’s going to immediately know that the only reason you’re talking to her is to get her number. Which in this case is bad, because she’ll be like “why is this guy trying to get my number without just directly asking me for it? And why is he holding me in a conversational prison?”

And then it’s game over.

Instead, do this:

The Best Way To Plant The Seed That You Exist

Before class gets out, figure out where she’s sitting. And when the bell rings – or when the class ends – start exiting the room near her and begin walking close to her. You want to create the “I’m just randomly asking you this because you happen to be next to me” effect.

Once you just oh-so-happen to be walking right next to her while everyone is leaving the class, you’re now going to want to ask her (as you’re walking out of the room with everyone else) something about the class that she probably won’t know the answer to. Because if she doesn’t know the answer, the conversation will be extremely quick. Which is a good thing right now.

One of the openers I ended up using pretty frequently when I would just “happen” to walk up beside her was asking “did you actually get notes on the x part? It was literally spanglish”.

Then the girl would look over and respond by say something like “No I didn’t get that either, lol”. And then I would say something like “Yep. I’ll never watch (youtube / instagram stories / tiktok) cat videos in class again”. Then I’d just walk away.

But why does this work as step #1 for how to talk to a girl in class?

Becoming The “Funny Guy That Doesn’t Care Whether People Like Him Or Not”

The reason it works is because you are offering value to her (by making little jokes like calling it spanglish and saying you’ll never watch cat videos in class again) without asking her to do anything or wanting anything from her romantically.

Doing this also drops subtle hints that you’re high-status by displaying some sarcasm and also nonverbally telling her you’re a rebel that doesn’t care about the “no phones in class” rules. It does a lot of things in a short amount of time.

But the biggest thing it does for you?

Lets her know that you exist.

So by the time you enter step #2, if you don’t have any previous experiences with her, she will at least remember your face from that brief conversation. That is, IF you execute step #2 within the next few days to a week.

Step #2: Make Her Laugh The Next Time You Talk To Her

Once she already knows you exist, you can move on to step 2. Some guys will already be at this step when they’ve found this article.

For step 2, what you’re going to want to do next is to find any excuse you can to either tell her a really engaging story or make some type of sarcastic / funny comment. The key is to avoid boring conversation with her at all costs so you don’t shoot yourself in the foot.

This is the point where you will need to begin “heat checking” the situation. This means you will need to be actively analyzing how much you think she is into you and whether or not she will say yes or no if you ask her to hang out with you or your friends. Most girls will say “yes” to hanging out with you in a low-pressure setting if you can get their interest in you up to about a 6.5-7. So your focus should be on getting her to like you more by showing her that you’re a fun guy who isn’t needy.

The reason “saying something funny to her” is step #2 is because you will need to provide value to her in every interaction you have in order to build interest. And the easiest way to do this is by continually providing her value in the form of laughter and playfulness while avoiding heavy and logical, interview-style situations like the plague.

This may look like this:

The Secret “Under The Radar” Funny Conversation Script That They Don’t Want You To Know About – The “omg meme”

The “omg meme” has helped me begin more conversations than I can even count. The reason it works so well is because it starts the conversation off on a playful note and is extremely low-pressure for the girl.

So let’s get into it.

For this you are going to want to either be standing or sitting by her in class.

Once you are close to her, get a meme pulled up on your phone that you think is funny and a has a little bit of an “OMG” factor.

Once the meme is pulled up, say “oohhh myy goddd” like you’re shocked that you received it and then immediately lean over and put the phone in front of her while saying “why are these my friends… do you have friends like this?”.

Once she responds with either yes or no (doesn’t really matter what she says, but if she says OMG YES! and starts telling you a story, let her talk) immediately tell her a story about something really funny / wild / crazy you did with your friends and make sure you tell it in a really funny, shocking and engaging way that portrays you as the leader of your friend group.

Once you do this, you will have opened the door of conversation that will allow her to see your super cool personality while also thinking of you as the leader of your group (which will be attractive to her).

Now, once you’ve been talking for a while, you are going to have to decide if she is only a LITTLE BIT into you or if she’s a LOTTA BIT into you.

Because this will determine the next step.

Step #3 – Ask Her “What’s Your Insta?” And Then Add Her On The Spot

There’s a couple different situations that could be going on here.

She could either be a LITTLE BIT into you or a LOTTA BIT into you.

If she’s only a little bit into you, and you can tell she’s not super into the conversation, then you are going to want to exit the conversation by saying something like “Cya meme buddy” and then either re-engage her at a later time or just move on to another girl.

But if she’s a lotta bit into you, and you think she finds you interesting enough to give you her social media handle, then it’s a great time to pull the trigger in a low-pressure way by saying “what’s your insta?” and then adding her right then and there while reminding her that she’s your meme buddy.

Why Asking For Her Instagram In Class Is Better Than Phone #

The reason asking for her Instagram is so fantastic is because for some reason, giving out her Instagram name is a lot “less of a deal” for the girl than if she were to give you her number. This means that the likelihood she will give it to you is really high, and you will have a communication channel to her other than class. Which is HUGE.

One additional thing asking “what’s your insta?” has over a phone number is that by adding you, she is gaining a follower. So it is actually making her look slightly more popular by agreeing to add you. Which only adds to the likelihood that she will say yes.

The “How To Talk To A Girl In Class” Tipping Point

Once you ask, she will either simply either give you her Instagram name or say she doesn’t have one. If she says she doesn’t have one because she is not that comfortable with you yet, then you’re going to want to say something that is playful and doesn’t show you’re butthurt at all like “That’s probably a good thing for instagram” and the flashing her a genuine smile as you walk away. If she says no, just take your L and move on.

But, if she says yes, then you are in an amazing position.


Because not only did you get her Instagram name, and then say “can’t wait to be meme buddies” as you left, but you also gave yourself something to talk about and relate to with her at all times:


This means that instead of really texting her and having boring or dull conversations (check out my how to text a girl guide here) you can basically just send her funny memes and she will send you memes back. And this type of conversation never really dies out.

And at that point, you just ask her out to something low-pressure (not dinner or a movie) like a party, bowling, drinks, soccer in a field, etc. Literally anything that will have “fun” at the center of it.

And then you’re golden.

Key Takeaways:

  • Get her to know you exist in an extremely low-pressure and slightly funny way
  • Find ways to tell her really your most interesting stories with really good jokes in them
  • Ask her what her Instagram is and then send her cat memes until you both fall in love

And if you need additional dating help getting the girl, or have any pressing questions that I didn’t cover in this article, feel very free to either visit or apply to join our exclusive email list for world-class dating content.

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