Alpha Male Strategies | 10 Strategies To Live Like An Alpha Male

Here are some of the best alpha male strategies that I have come across and incorporated in my own life.

It is important to remember that alpha male strategies aren’t just techniques you can pull off to achieve alpha status. Alpha male strategies are instead ways of thinking – that alpha men carry within themselves – in their own daily lives.

Know Yourself

One of the Alpha male’s strategies to extreme confidence and success is knowing himself better than anyone else. This allows him to shed insults with ease and attack his goals with relentless focus. An alpha male does not spend time dwelling on his insecurities or his failures, instead he puts that mental energy into something productive, like his next project. An alpha male reflects on his purpose daily and can course correct in real-time when he catches himself drifting.

Take Responsibility For Your Life

The alpha male takes responsibility for everything in his life. He laughs at the people he sees complaining and blaming everyone and everything else for their problems – as he sees they are trapping themselves in victimhood and mediocrity. The alpha male always reflects on every negative situation and tries to decipher the truth of it – seeing where he may have made a mistake and where he could have improved. The alpha male is not afraid to admit to himself that he isn’t where he needs to be yet. He accepts it and begins putting in the work. The alpha male also takes personal responsibility for the group. If the group begins to stray, the alpha male will carefully correct the group and state his case for why they should change their direction and follow him.

Put Your Purpose First

The most important alpha male strategy is to put your purpose above everything else. The reason a purpose is so important is because of how difficult it is to establish a purpose. The average guy goes through life without realizing that a purpose is something that is chosen, and wastes his entire life waiting for a dream that never comes. Instead, the alpha male chooses his own direction, and commits. He understands that with all of the opportunity in the world we live in, choosing is the hardest part. He trains himself to trust his intuition, and to continually progress forward, even when doubt regarding his decisions may creep into his mind. He understands he can course correct at any time, and nothing is more powerful than intelligently and diligently moving forward with his eyes wide open. An alpha male also creates “sacred time” for his purpose. An alpha male is a pro at setting time aside each and every day to progress towards what he wants to manifest into reality. He understands the preciousness of this block of time, and guards it with his life – saying no to anyone who may try and impede upon it.

Put Your Opinion First

An alpha male trusts his own judgement, perception, and intuition more than anyone else’s. He has learned throughout his life that facts are hard to come by, and so much of our physical world is colored by subjective opinion. Because of this, he has learned to always trust his intuitive instincts, because history has proven them right over and over again, even in the face of opposition. The alpha male believes his preferences, tastes, and opinions are more correct than anyone elses. He is able to hear and understand other people’s point of views, and if they don’t seem reasonable to him, he will politely disregard them and stand firm in his own truth. He is not afraid to speak his mind and let people know when he does not approve of their behaviors.

Put Your Tribe First

The alpha male treats members of his tribe like one of his own. His purpose is hard to separate from the people he leads, because they are an integral part of his vision and his success. The alpha male always looks out for his people, protects them against threats, and inspires them to conquer enemies / obstacles. The alpha male understands that tyranny is only a short-term solution, so hearing and understanding all of his people is a major part of his worldview. When his followers fall out of line, the alpha male is not afraid to course correct them and maybe even inspire fear in them to keep them following command.

Be More Passionate

The alpha male has a natural passion or “life energy” that drips off of him and is felt by everyone in his presence. It is not uncommon for the alpha male to find that people close to him start to take interest in the things he likes, or to adopt words that he uses. His passion alone can inspire and entertain anyone in conversation, as people who meet him rarely come into contact with someone who is taking life head on.

Inspire People With Words

The alpha male can influence people’s decision making abilities by influencing them with words and showing them the benefits of thinking what he thinks and believing in what he believes. Because the alpha male believes in himself so much, the majority of people tend to take his word at face value simply because of the conviction that he speaks with. And the people who initially disagree may begin to doubt their own opinions and perspectives.

Know When To React And When To Let Things Go

The alpha male knows when to take action and when to let things go. There are many things in this world that the alpha male can not control. Not only is he okay with that, but he has dedicated his life to focusing and dedicating his energy only towards what he can control: His thoughts, words, and actions.

Know How To Set Boundaries

Boundaries are communicated expectations. They are what protect the alpha male from wasting his time / energy on people and or things that may drain him of his valuable, precious energy. To maintain successful relationships, the alpha male sets boundaries by letting people know what he expects and what he will not put up with. The power in his boundaries lies in his ability to walk away. He needs nothing from anybody. He is the definition of self love (which I will touch on in a sec) and needs only his own validation to move forward in this world. More often than night, people do not test his boundaries more than once because they feel the conviction in his voice when he sets them. He knows what he wants (and doesn’t want) and is a master at communicating these things to other people and having them obey them.

Love Yourself

The alpha male loves himself. Meaning although he is unsatisfied with where he is currently at and is always striving for more, he balances that insatiable ambition with a state of contentment for his current self and the situation he is in. He spends no time beating himself up or reflecting on the past, unless it is to learn or serves some sort of purpose for him. His level of love for himself which he has cultivated over the course of many years radiates off him, and it is not uncommon for people who come into contact with him to feel and absorb his confidence and contentment.

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