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Where To Meet Women, Reddit? The Best Places To Meet Women (According To Reddit)

“Where to meet women Reddit” is something a lot of young guys type into google in search of answers. After looking and filtering through the top posts, I’ve put together a compilation of the best answers that I came across in terms of where to meet women.

And believe me, this took a lot of filtering through. Why? Because these forums are filled with a lot of guys either complaining about how hard it is to meet women or just hating on women altogether. HINT: These guys need to visit

TLDR – It Doesn’t Matter

Here’s my own opinion on the topic before I get into the “where to meet women reddit” advice:

It doesn’t matter where you meet women. Because they are everywhere. What is much more important than WHERE you meet woman is HOW you meet women. And build attraction with them while doing so.

The skills of building attraction can not only be learned, but they must be learned. Because this one skill will serve you for the rest of your life. So while other guys are complaining that they “can’t find any good women” and “don’t know where to meet women”…

You’ll be FEASTING on your own.

Here’s What Reddit Asked…

Here’s the original question that I came accross:

At work; “Its innapropriate because it can create unprofessional situiations”

At the gym “Its inappropriate because girls are just there to work out”

At the bar “don’t go to the bar to meet women unless you just want a one night stand”

These are just the three places I consistently interact with women my age at, my hobbies don’t lead me to meeting women.

And dating apps are just shit for guys in general. Especially at my age of mid 20s.

What can I actually do to meet girls my age?

Dog Parks

level 1Gasifiedgap201 points路2 years ago

My personal experience, dog parks are great for meeting people. Really great. But just don’t be the asshole who gets a dog they don’t want to meet women.

2gilthanan143 points路2 years ago

I wish there were cat parks…

3cloudsrpretty23 points路2 years ago

Same. Dogs are cute but too demanding. However, I think my cats would plot to kill me if I tried to put them on a leash and walk them

Double0Dixie5 points路2 years ago

honestly get them used to a harness and leash just in your own home and you can try venturing outside with them! let them acclamate at their own pace if they are wholely indoor cats. its a whole new world to them!

edit: added bonus, taking your cat on walks offers some legitimate potential to meet new people! dont let your dreams be dreams.

edit2: can also offer great sociliization with other animals/pets! just make sure you keep your babies safe

4stefonioMale2 points路2 years ago

You say that like they aren’t doing that already

5cloudsrpretty3 points路2 years ago

One of them definitely is. She’s a moody lil shit but one of them deffo loves me

3emaciated_pecan2 points路2 years ago

You could try the big cat exhibit at you local zoo

Maybe outside the local big cat exhibit could serve you well? Women do love cats…

This. Dog parks are amazing for meeting people. It’s so easy to start a conversation because all you have to do is compliment or ask them about their dog.


2 years ago

It鈥檚 not inappropriate to meet girls at the gym. It鈥檚 about finding the right time to talk. And don鈥檛 expect 20 minute conversations, expect a two minute talk every day or so until you have some sort of connection.Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 2[deleted]32 points路2 years ago

Exactly. I don’t mind being approached at the gym. I’ve met a few friends this way.

And it can be flattering since I’m pretty sweaty and have no makeup on while I’m there. Some women most don’t like being approached at all but you can usually tell if they are acting standoffish if you try to talk to them so just take the hint and go on your way.

2 years ago

The gym is actually a great place to meet both friends and a romantic interest. The later will be harder of course but its not impossible.

It gives you a great starting conversation point as you’re working out, an easy out for the conversation as you have more exercises to do and a common place you know you’ll see the person again.

If someone is engaging in conversation or seems open to it thats one thing, but typically headphones in and staying clear of others, leave them the fuck alone.

Mollzor9 points路2 years ago

You see a potential mate. You look at her, she looks at you, you look away. Look at her again, when she looks at you, smile. If she smiles back, yay! If she doesn’t look at you again or doesn’t smile, she is not interested.

Look in her eyes long enough to notice her eye color.

waterhouse788 points路2 years ago

Meeting women at gyms is why 鈥榳omen only鈥 gyms exists. I鈥檓 sure most women just want to work out and not be ogled at. But I was recently at an only – women鈥檚 gym and this butch made me feel uncomfortable. People need to stop treating it like a nightclub.

I think the gym can be ok so long as you can also read social cues. Don’t attempt to have long conversations there and know when to stop if a woman doesn’t seem interested. Most people have places to be and would be bothered to be held up too long.


2 years ago

I met my husband at work. It can be done, as long as both parties are discreet and mature about it.

At work; “Its inappropriate because it can create unprofessional situations”

Fuck, no. It is not. Most married people met at work or at school. Work is a PERFECT place to meet people, because it leads to reasonable relationships. HR is worried that you’ll bang a chick, and then you’ll collaborate to rob the business or be unfair to others. HR is fucking insane. You are not insane, you have better judgment than them. So fuck them. Do NOT buy their flawed logic just because it’s common in corporations.

Hobbies are a way to meet women. Friends. Social gatherings. For the most part, you’re fucked though. You’re a guy, and women are scared shitless of guys in the West.

Come to Asia, or the Philippines, where women are still liberated women and will be welcoming to conversation and dating.

Dog parks for the win. Watched my GF’s dog for a few weeks, dog owners are HIGHLY social. No walls. Random girls will say hello just to pet the dog.

Be friends first, and take it from there. You can make just friends, anywhere, including work.

Dancing lessons. Any place that teaches swing or country.


RussetHelm2 points路2 years ago

1 – Look up all the dating apps which require the girl to show interest in YOU. This way you won’t waste too much time on them. If you are really looking, you will need to put at least some effort into the dating apps because they are so prevalent, especially among people in their 20’s.

2 – Find an activity that you do not mind too much, and which has a disproportionately female demographic. Things like book clubs, dance lessons, and even going to church typically have more women interested in them. This isn’t ideal of course, but keep in mind that women are often interested in different things than the most popular male activities and interests like sports or PVP gaming. By finding an activity that women are interested in that you at least do not mind engaging in, you not only can find some women, but you will have a much better range of options. Reverse this in your mind, and you should get the principle. A girl who loves football or Call of Duty could be a good bit heavier or uglier and still meet plenty of guys.

Adult kickball or other sports leagues are a great way to make friends and meet potential romantic partners. If you’re in a specific career field, go to networking events in your area.

Not seen as an outcast at all! I picked up social ballroom and latin dance about 6 months ago and I was definitely the nervous newbie. I checked out 2 dance studios in my area; the one I stuck with offered a free 30 minute private lesson with one of the instructors, which gave me a chance to meet one of the people who would be teaching the group class and get myself familiar with the basics of a single dance. That made it easier for me to feel comfortable going to a group class.

Try checking out studios in the area to see if they offer something similar. If not, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll see beginner level classes on a schedule, which are safe for newbies. My biggest recommendation is to go with an open attitude and be willing to take direction and try new things. I’ve danced with new dancers who, when I get to them in rotation, immediately start putting themselves down. It’s much more fun to learn to dance with someone who is at least attempting to be optimistic about what they can learn.

If you have any questions about the social dance scene, feel free to PM me. 馃檪


You’ve already named one place to literally meet women, a bar. No, its not for one nighters, theres some women that goes there to get to know guys too. But theres literally lots of other public places you can meet them at also. A beach? don’t you watch vitalyzd’s youtube channel? coffee shops, retail stores/malls, events whether its a big event or local like an art show or a concert. Hell you can meet women volunteering at some place, its totally fine cause you’re just volunteering and you don’t work there so it doesn’t create an unprofessional atmosphere.

Take a course, for example drawing.

Also, the focus shouldn’t be on meeting women. Your focus should be to expand your social circle. Someone from work is having a birthday party? Cool, now you can meet new people at that party. Expand your social circle, eventually you’ll meet a girl you like.

I don’t necessarily agree with the bar thing. I don’t mind being approached at a bar (that’s how I met my ex) but you have to have the social skills to know when a woman isn’t interested and don’t be a bother. There’s definitely been plenty of guys who didn’t get the hint and it got uncomfortable.


2 years ago

I’ve recently started going to parties hosted by cosplay people and since gaming and cosplay go hand in hand there have been a lot of gaming girls at these events. These events are hosted at video gaming lounge bars and often have themes. Could be a good place to start, check your area if there is any such thing where you live.

jml51015 points路2 years ago

You can meet someone almost anywhere. I would just make sure that she appears approachable and isn’t busy doing something before going ahead. For example, I wouldn’t bother someone who is either reading, listening to music, or doing stuff with her phone. The best places I can think of to meet people are the ones that actually encourage social interaction, such as parties, classes (can be any type of class, not necessarily school), Meetup events, or school clubs.

2 years ago

There is no wrong place to meet someone. Hell, I know people who met at rehab and have a wonderful, sober life together and welcomed their first child two years ago. They are as happy as ever.

Do things you like, and you will meet a girl that you have something in common with. Leave the judging to people who have nothing better to do.

2 years ago

Met my wife at the library.

Had an initial chat about favorite authors. Asked if she wanted a coffee.

Went from there.

Karfro3 points路2 years ago

Dancing classes are the classic.

Beside that some new hobbies would help, like some new sport.

You can meet people at work. But you can’t just make a pass at them. At work, it’s more akin to a friendship expanding to become a relationship. There’s more personality involved than a walk-up-and-propose-bumping-uglies. Is the receptionist cute? Talk to her a bit every day and see if any chemistry develops. Go out with a group of work people after work sometimes and see if anything develops.

There’s the risk of things going badly if you break up and both still work together, but as long as you aren’t the guy all the workplace women know makes a pass at every woman in the company, the workplace isn’t off limits. Just need to move more slowly, maturely, and professionally.

The gym is ok if the woman seems warm to you. If you’ve never seen her there before or she’s wearing headphones or avoiding eye contact, she’s not interested. If you see each other semi regularly and smile at each other and make occasional small talk, there’s a potential opening. It’s similar to the workplace but a little more casual.

You can meet women at the bar, too. Sure, the easiest women to pick up are the ones actively looking for a one night stand or something casual, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t single women who go to bars just for a drink (and then happen to meet you), or women who look for casual sex and catch feels.

The “rules” about the workplace, gym, and bars are just general rules. If you’re sniffing around just looking for sex, they’re good to follow. If you’re legitimately looking for a woman to be a potential partner, they’re everywhere. Just be mindful of the circumstances and their body language and treat meeting women there as something that聽can聽happen, but not something you’re expecting to happen.

I met my wife at work and she only wanted a casual thing. A couple weeks later it was her that wanted the relationship.

The park can be a good spot, just don’t bug anyone who’s in the middle of doing anything. Buddy of mine from work has got some phone numbers just by going along his jogging route to / from the park, jogging with whoever he meets along the way.

Book stores are a great spot, as are malls. Again, just don’t bug anyone who’s doing anything. If they’re walking casually, skimming through random products, and just doddering around? Then it’s a good sign that they’re open to chat. Another good hint is if you keep catching each others eye contact.

Grocery shopping can be a good spot, depending how crowded the place is though.

Most cities have events that are great for meetups. In my city the waterpark occasionally hosts an 18+ party night with liquor license. There’s this funky childrens science museum that occasionally hosts an adults trivia night; you match up with random trivia groups to compete for little door prizes, there’s snacks and liquor, it’s good times.

Join an amateur coed sports league. Doesn’t matter what sport, amateur leagues are very chill – they’ll teach you how to play, which is a good ice breaker.

Volunteer. People will pay +$100 for a night out to maybe socialize and meet some new people at the bar / club, when you can get the guarantee of socializing and meeting new people every week if you volunteer.

ReasonReaderMale2 points路2 years ago

Strip clubs, crack houses, DMV lines…

I think there is no one place to meet women. The best strategy in my opinion is to live your life in a way that maximizes serendipity. which may mean just being more social in your daily life, learning to be better with small talk etc.

As you can see, it’s not so much about WHERE to meet women as much as it as HOW you go about meeting them.

The truth is, you can meet women anywhere. Because they are literally everywhere. That is, if your attraction skills are good enough.

Attraction skills are the real factor.

If you’re looking to increase your attraction skills, check out this free training on dating and attraction, and start meeting girls with ease.

Talk soon,