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She Stopped Texting Me Out Of Nowhere | How To Revive Her Love

“She stopped texting me out of nowhere” is something every guy has said at least one in his life.

The truth is, nobody knows what’s going on in the mind of the girl you’re talking to. But when she’s not texting you back, it’s because she has other things in her life that are higher priority than sending you a text.

So what do you need to do?

Make yourself higher on her priority list.

I’m going to show you how.

But first, here’s what not do.

Don’t Text Her And Ask Why She Didn’t Text You Back

I feel weird even putting this in the blog post, but I’ve seen it happen. Some guys will literally text the girl “why didn’t you text me back?”.

Doing that will kill it. Instantly.


Because it shows neediness. And it shows you care too much.

Do you think the guy that has 8 girls begging for his attention cares if one of them doesn’t text him back?

Nope. He barely even notices.

And this is how you need to start thinking if you’ve ever though about sending a “why didn’t you text me back” text.

Don’t Keep Texting Her With Other Questions Or Updates On What You’re Doing

If she suddenly, stops texting you, the worst thing you can do is continually follow up with bad, attention-seeking text messages.

If she stopped texting you out of nowhere, you’re going to want to analyze the situation and have a gameplan for reviving it. Did you just begin talking? Have you been talking for a while? Do you have mutual friends? Etc. All of these scenarios will add to the situation, and should be considered when planning your revival.

That being said, simply throwing more messages at her like asking what she’s doing or sending something you noticed about your day is only going to dig you deeper in the hole.

If she stopped texting you, you have a value issue. And texting her again and again that same day isn’t going to raise your value in her eyes. In fact, it will do the opposite.

Don’t View Any Of Her Social Media Posts

If she stopped texting you out of nowhere, don’t view her social media posts. You want to starve her of your attention and validation.

Way too often, guys will be left on read and then immediately click on her snap or instagram story just to see what she’s doing. This is a bad situation to put yourself in.

These girls check who is viewing their story religiously. And if she hasn’t texted you back and sees you’ve viewed her story in the first 30 seconds, she’s going to think you’re a guy that’s not doing anything interesting and are someone she could easily get. Remember, she wants a challenge. Give it to her.

If she stopped texting you out of nowhere, you are going to want to actively avoid watching, liking, commenting, or interacting with any of her social media. Leave no trace of your presence. And once she sees that you have no interest in seeing what she’s doing, she will be slightly more interested in resuming your text conversation.

Now here’s what to do.

If She Suddenly Stopped Texting You Out Of Nowhere, Social Media Stories Are Your Best Friend

If she suddenly stopped texting you out of nowhere, your stories are going to be your best friend. The goal is to post something really interesting that you’re doing that says “I don’t care whether you text me back or not. I’m gonna do me, sweetie”.

Girls are a master at doing this. I will literally text a girl for multiple weeks in a row without her posting anything on social media. And then if I just happen to not text a girl back for whatever reason, she will “just happen” to post something on her story during the time that I wasn’t texting her. This has happened more times than I can count.

A lot of the best attraction techniques are actually going to be used by women on you. Try and think about why what they did made you want them, and then use those tactics for yourself.

That being said, when she doesn’t text you back, one of your best plays is going to be posting something cool on your story. Preferably you DOING something cool with your friends.

A large majority of the time, the girl will see you doing something cool and will either watch your story or respond to it.

If She Responds To Your Story, Don’t Reply Right Away

Once you get better at posting cool stories, you will notice that girls who were on the fence with you will begin to reach out to you more and more.

When this happens, the best thing you can do is conceal your feelings and act like you like her less than you actually do.

This means that when she responds, wait to send a response. And when you do send a response, make it something short like a devil emoji or winky face.

Sending a short response will put you in a good position for when you send the next message. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a girl DM me responding to my story, I respond with one emoji, and then either she texts me later in the week to hang out or I initiate a conversation – that she is happy to be in – that also leads to us hanging out.

But the key is how good your stories are.

If You Don’t Have Her On Social Media, Send a Joke / Gif A Couple Days Later

Posting on your stories is by far the best way to build your value and get back into a conversation with her. But if you don’t have her added on social media, then you’re going to have to play the longer game.

When she suddenly stops texting you out of nowhere, your best bet is to wait at least 2 days to reinitiate the conversation. The reason being is that she may just been busy and forget to text you. If that’s the case, she’ll text you the next day apologizing.

But if you don’t hear from her the next day, then you’re going to want to text her the day after that (2 days from when she stopped texting you) and send her something funny with a GIF. The key is to start a brand new conversation and initiate it with value in the form of playfulness and humor. That is your best move forward if you can’t social media your way to success.

Additional Tips On Keeping Your Value High When She Suddenly Stops Texting You

If she suddenly stops texting you out of nowhere, you’re going to be caught in a status-centered balancing act. The key is to hold your power.

Here are some quick-fire tips to make sure you revive your situation in the quickest way possible:

  • Don’t reach back out to her and ask why she didn’t text you back
  • Don’t keep texting her with questions or updates on your life
  • Don’t reach out to her on another platform
  • Post cool, valuable stories to your social media accounts as much as possible
  • Wait 2 days before you contact her again via text. And if you do, make the text FUNNY and provide some sort of value in the form of humor, playfulness, or entertainment
  • Be okay with her not texting you back. Don’t dwell on it. Get your skills up and find other girls.
  • If she doesn’t respond to your revival text, move on and keep posting great stories.

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