How To Increase Your Social Status At School Quickly

How to increase your social status at school quickly.

If you’re currently someone who doesn’t feel as “cool” as they know they could be, then it may be time to increase your social status at school.

Contrary to popular belief, social status isn’t fixed. It’s actually something you can increase (or even decrease) depending on the actions you take and the value you can provide for the group.

In this article, I’ll give you some tangible how-tos on how to increase your social status at school both directly (through action) and indirectly (through the behaviors you display in a social setting). If you’re looking to increase your social status at school quickly, you’re definitely in the right place.

What Is Social Status?

Social status is simply the hierarchy that humans put themselves in according to either competence or resources. Meaning the richest or most skilled is usually at the top.

Humans have a very sensitive meter for judging someone’s status, so it’s important that you learn how people are going to judge you either consciously or unconsciously.

Luckily, skill and resources isn’t the only thing that determines someone’s social status, although it does have a lot to do with it. Another way to display high social status is to simply act like someone who has high social status. Because displaying these behaviors will go through people’s unconscious filters and they will automatically assume that you are more high status than you really are.

For the sake of this article, I’ll break “increasing your social status at school quickly” into two parts: providing tangible value & displaying high-status behaviors. Because both are extremely important, and don’t work as well unless combined together.

Increasing Your Social Status By Providing More Value

There are usually two tangible ways to increase your social status at school that work better than all of the others. And that’s either throwing parties (or hosting events) or dating and hanging out with the hottest girls.

When you learn the skills of making friends and throwing parties, or the skills of dating and hanging out with the hottest women (which I teach you here), then you will automatically be able to manifest two of the things that people want most in school – a fun time or an attractive partner.

The Time You Spend Learning “High Status” Skills Will Never Be Wasted

The time you spend getting better at making friends, planning and organizing parties, and dating the most attractive people is never wasted. Why?

Because those skills will be viewed as “high status” for the rest of your life. And will only serve you more and more in the future.

But let me say this now:

You will need to get out of your comfort zone. And so many people fear getting out of their comfort zone because they think the results they get won’t be worth the pain they endure.

But let me tell you this now…

If you take the time to get better at learning these skills…

And you focus on getting better at your craft…

It will be worth it.

Let’s get into it.

High Status Skill #1: Learning How To Throw Parties (And Events)

Throwing random parties with random people won’t do it.

You’re going to need to throw parties that some of the most high status people in your area come to. And you can do this by creating “hype” around your event.

But before you get to that point, you’re going to want to get good at the skill of inviting people to things and doing things with them. And you can begin this process by simply doing just that: doing small things like group trips or smaller events and inviting people to them. Then working your way up from there.

Group AirBnBs

Group Airbnb’s are great starter events for throwing parties and having a really good time.

Basically, for a group airbnb, all you’re going to want to do is find a large house in a nice location, and then rent it out for the night while having each person that attends split the cost.

Going one step further – If you are of legal drinking age – you can get supplies to make “jungle juice” and get some food / snacks as well, and factor that all into the equation. Djs would be a good idea too if you can make it work.

By doing these smaller parties, you will learn the skills necessary to throw the bigger ones that everyone will want to come to. And if you do it right, people will even start talking about these parties after they are over. And as word spreads, demand for them will increase.

Connecting Social Circles (Becoming the “Hub” person)

One way to instantly become higher status is by inviting people from different social circles to some type of event and then bringing them together with you as the common thread.

The reason doing this works so well is because you will be garnering social proof from each friend group while also putting you as the person with the most attention. Meaning, each friend group will think “wow, he has a lot of friends” and out of all the people there, you will be the one taking up the most of the space in their minds. You will be the highest value one.

Conversely, you can also simply make friends with the “hub” people and have them invite you to things as well. When they do, you will usually meet a large amount of similar people and can leverage those connections for throwing that larger party that the highest status people in your school come to. And that’s when things really take off.

Throwing The Party That Shoots You Into High Status Success

There will be one party or event that will secure your spot at the top of the hierarchy better than any of the others. And it will be the one that all of the high status people in your school come to.

At most schools, these high status people are usually going to be athletes, dancers / cheerleaders, social butterflies, “bad boys” that hang out with the high status people, etc. Your goal is to get all of these people to your parties, and you can do this with social calibration.

How you’re going to want to do this is by creating “hype” around the party. That means promising big things and then delivering.

Once the hype is built, you can invite friends of the high status people and tell them it’s going to be LIT. And once the friends are bought in, they will then invite the high status people to come. And once you have all of these people in one place, with you being the center of it, that is when you’ve just became high status.

High Status Skill #2: Dating / Hanging Out With The Most Attractive People

This one works particularly well for men. Why? Because what do all men want?

An attractive partner.

So if you can be the guy that routinely hangs out with beautiful women, then you will be someone that is instantly shot up to being viewed as high status, by both men and women.

When women see you with other attractive women, the instantly think that you are a high status man. And in the same way, when men see you with beautiful women, they will want to know how you did it, and how they can hang out with you. This is when you can ask other high status men to hang out with you and these beautiful girls, and then once they agree to it, boom. You’re now higher status.

So… How do you do it?

The short answer is by betting your dating skills up which I teach here in this free training. Which, in a nutshell, is learning to be a high status man combined with the skills of moving things forward and closing. If you can do these two things, you will be successful.

Mastering High Status Social Behaviors

The other, more intangible way to gain social status without actually building up resources (like parties, money or dating more attractive people) is by simply displaying high status behaviors. Some of the most important behaviors you can incorporate into the way people perceive you are these:

But before I reveal them to you, let me share with you the most important statement you will ever read in your life:

The world will accept the judgment you place on yourself and treat you accordingly.

Write this on your fridge and read it every morning:

The world will accept the judgment you place on yourself and treat you accordingly.

This means that whatever you believe of yourself, that is how you’re going to be treated. So the key to becoming higher status is to first believe you can become higher status, and then start acting like it.

Here are some high status indicators:

  1. Body language
  2. Voice
  3. Eye contact
  4. Value of your own opinions
  5. Carefreeness
  6. Charisma
  7. Style

And while all of these are important – and are all things I cover on my exclusive email list – I’ll touch on a few of the most important ones here.

A Crazy, Unknown “Hack” That Instantly Gives You More High Status Behaviors

The easiest way to “fix” the low status things about yourself are by coming up with little statements that when followed, help you exhibit more high status behaviors. Why?

Because the truth is, you intuitively know how to do all of these high status things. The problem is, you’re letting your mind get in the way. So you need to quiet your mind down, and start acting things out. And you can do this with simple statements I’ll explain in just a second.

A great statement to teach yourself to fix your low status walk is by simply asking yourself this question:

How would someone walk if they were winning at life?

Once you ask yourself that question, just start walking like someone who is winning at life. And once you do it, you will understand that the weirdest part about it is, you already knew how to do it…

You just never did.

It is by asking yourself little “questions” like this that will help you get out of your mind and more into your body. And once you learn something in your body, you will be able to repeat it over and over again until it becomes a habit. And once it becomes a habit…

It quite literally, becomes you.

Valuing Your Own Judgements And Perceptions Of The World More Than Other People’s (Confidence)

Confidence is one of the most important high-status traits you can cultivate if you want to increase your social status at school quickly. Because people love confident people.

And although confidence is a term that is thrown around a lot, people don’t ever really get into the true factors that come with building up a level of core confidence that inspires people to be with you. So we’ll cover some of that right now.

One of the biggest factors in confidence sounds kind of corny, but it’s truer than anything else. And that’s building up the belief in yourself and how you view the world.

The truth is, there is no “right” way to see the world. Everyone has their own opinion. And just because someone has a different opinion or perspective as you, doesn’t make them right. It just makes your opinions different. Understanding this will allow you to hold firm in your views even when you come into contact with someone who disagrees. And holding your ground and believing in yourself is a major key player in projecting confidence.

Understand That Nothing Is “True”

Nothing is true.

This means that everything you’ve ever learned is only someone’s opinion. And can be tested.

Obviously, there are some exceptions to this. Like Gravity. Gravity is definitely there.

But the reason having this perspective is so powerful is because when it comes to subjective conversations like which color is the best, or which movie is the funniest, you will be able to put your own opinion on something at the same level (or even above) that of others. And this projects massive confidence to the people around you.

Creating A Deeper Voice To Increase Your Social Status At School Quickly

Believe it or not, your voice plays a huge factor in how people perceive you. And contrary to popular belief, you can actually make your voice deeper if you want to.

While there are many techniques, tips, and tricks to getting a deeper voice, the 3 biggest things are going to be caring less, breathing deeper, and trying to talk in a slightly deeper voice than you normally do. I’ll touch on all of these things briefly.

Caring Less To Get A Louder Voice

A lot of people can’t talk loudly in public. Have you ever wondered why?

The reason is because of status.

The people that can’t talk loudly in public think of themselves as low status, and are afraid that if they talk loudly in public and draw attention to themselves, the high status people will come and kill them. Which, obviously, is an out-dated biological mechanism.

So how do you talk louder in public and in friend groups?

By practicing and caring less what people think.

You will notice that when you go to public places, you may talk very quietly. This means you have some “low status” in you and are afraid people will judge you for speaking your beliefs loudly. This is something that you need to shake out.

The easiest way to do this is by going to places like grocery stores, coffee shops, and events and speaking to people there in a louder-than-average voice. And keep practicing until you get louder and louder. It will be tough at first, but you will get better.

Breathing Deeper For A Deeper Voice

This one is simple. Just sit down, and start taking the largest “stomach breaths” that you can. This means that you will want to take breaths that gradually increase the amount of air you can exhale. The more air you can manage, the deeper your voice will be.

Start Talking Deeper

The quickest way to a deeper voice is by talking deeper.

And while your voice may not be the deepest around, we all have “levels” to our voice that people can tell if we’re talking on the higher side of our vocal range or the deeper side. You always want to be talking on the deeper side.

Practicing this day in and day out will eventually expand your vocal chords and allow you to talk in a much deeper voice than you ever previously could. This was something that worked tremendously for me.

Increase Your Social Status At School Quickly: Putting It All Together

Throughout this article, you’ve learned that to increase your social status at school quickly, you need provide value to higher status people and exhibit high status behaviors.

Although all of this is important, nothing may be more important than you simply deciding that you want to be more high status. Your teachers can’t make that decision for you. Your mom and dad can’t make that decision for you. Your friends can’t make that decision for you.

It is completely up to you to learn the skills you need to become a high status man and live the life you know that you’re capable of living.

Nobody is going to save or do it for you.

The time is now.

If you liked this article, check out this free training on how to date more beautiful women.

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